Yaki Molcho - Playground Designer

Modeling and Plans

Designing installations for a park is a complex process that requires constant balancing of the form

of the designs with the needs of the children and their safety. I start by creating the form with wire mesh, taking into

account the concept for the park and its installations, terrain conditions on the ground and budgetary

considerations, all the while changing and redesigning the shapes

of the installations as they evolve.


After the model is finished and approved by the client, work plans are submitted for approval

to The Standards Institution of Israel before any construction begins. Consulting with these experts continues

throughout the construction process and up to the point when the finished

playing installations are placed in the park.



Based on the models, the shapes of the installations are recreated with iron rods that are placed

over a heavy stable metal base. The whole structure is covered by a flexible metal net in order to absorb the

layers of cement that are laid on top of it. The surface of the installations has to be smooth

in order to avoid scratching and bruising while playing. At this point in the process, a great deal of care

is given to creating coves and curves that are pleasent to touch, lay upon and play on.


Child Safety

Throughout the process of creating the installations, extra care is taken to ensure

safety protocols are adhered to. Also addressed at this point is the need to limit the children's access

to specific parts of the installation. For safety reasons the surface around the playground

installations is covered in rubber casting or tiles in order to protect

the children while playing.



Once the construction of the installations is complete and the surfaces are smooth, I draw

all the outlines for the creatures' coloring making sure they match the original design. In order to reduce

the impact on the installations of stress and wear from continuous use and the fading of the paints

under the strong Israel sun, they are painted with more durable 'Du Pont' paints that do

not fade and last for a period of several years.