Yaki Molcho - Playground Designer

    I was born in Israel and have worked as a designer

since the early 1970s. I have worked as chief graphic designer

in leading magazines, daily newspapers

and advertising agencies.


In the mid 80's I co-founded Vital - The Tel Aviv Center

for Design Studies. Today I am a Senior Lecturer

and the Head of the Typographic Research Institute at

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in

Ramat Gan, Israel.


Having lectured to students around the world, I appreciate their

open minds, fresh thinking, imagination and free spirit. This website

is dedicated to my design work that is focused on imaginative,

three-dimensional constructions and installations for

children's playgrounds throughout the country.

The connection between my professional work as a designer and my dream to create for children occurred when my

late wife Ruthy and I founded our design shop "Rutyaki" in 1994. We shared the same dream. We wanted

to create objects that were a mixture of design and craft, and our jewelery, stationary, home decor and sculptures were

all original hand made designs. Every piece was unique. Bruce Levin, a landscape architect, saw our sculptures

in the shop and suggested that we collaborate on a bid to re-design the old Herzl Park in Holon which was to be renovated

from the ground up. We got the job.


This started an incredible adventure combining my love for design and childhood dreams. Together with

sculptor Shuki Kafri and his talented crew, we developed the "know how" to enlarge and translate the intricate

designs into full size creatures in the spirit of our original intent:

every creature is a unique, hand made design.


These pages explore the various playground projects and the unique installations

designed for each of them.


Yaki Molcho, March 2010